This is the reason I am not enjoying the world of cross stitch. This pattern. Spooky House by Stoney Creek.

I made my first error when I chose to work on linen over two. That makes the counting more complicated because you are more likely to make a mistake when you have to count 2 tiny little holes instead of one. I should have used 14 or 18 count over one.

But it looks really good.

The second mistake was to let one miscount slide because now the ghost part is all off. Now I have come too far to unpick and I’m not willing to start over. Why?

Because it looks really good.

If you don’t see the mistakes. Some stitches have a little extra even though the blocks line up. Don’t look at that. Look at the cool fabric, which is called Prank, by the way. Look at the interesting variations in the black hand dyed thread.

It looks very cool!

I will keep going and add some buttons. There is a bat and a “Boo!” in the pattern. I have seen bats but I will have to try them for size. I will keep working and compensating. The nice thing is that if I can get these blocks to line up then the others will fall in line and it will be fine. And this one is for me, I am not making a model piece or ghost stitching. So it is “highly personalized”

It will look good.