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This is the reason I am not enjoying the world of cross stitch. This pattern. Spooky House by Stoney Creek.

I made my first error when I chose to work on linen over two. That makes the counting more complicated because you are more likely to make a mistake when you have to count 2 tiny little holes instead of one. I should have used 14 or 18 count over one.

But it looks really good.

The second mistake was to let one miscount slide because now the ghost part is all off. Now I have come too far to unpick and I’m not willing to start over. Why?

Because it looks really good.

If you don’t see the mistakes. Some stitches have a little extra even though the blocks line up. Don’t look at that. Look at the cool fabric, which is called Prank, by the way. Look at the interesting variations in the black hand dyed thread.

It looks very cool!

I will keep going and add some buttons. There is a bat and a “Boo!” in the pattern. I have seen bats but I will have to try them for size. I will keep working and compensating. The nice thing is that if I can get these blocks to line up then the others will fall in line and it will be fine. And this one is for me, I am not making a model piece or ghost stitching. So it is “highly personalized”

It will look good.


I need a coach to whip my cross stitch schedule into shape.

This is my problem. I have a rotation, 12 hours on a project than switch. I am supposed to be working on my #3, the black gryphon. Instead, I am obsessed with finishing this one.


Look how close I am to finishing! A lot of this section is one color, no confetti. That goes really fast. I could finish it in one more 12-hour rotation. I’m SOOOO close, so why not keep going?

My stitching coach would be dressing me down at this point. “You put the rotation plan in place to finish all your WIPs. How are you going to do that if you get obsessed with #2 on the rotation? Get the gryphon out and start stitching!”

None of my stitchy friends are helpful here. They would all fail as stitching coaches since their behavior is no better than mine.

Fine, just a one more day on Serenity, and then I’ll start on the long-neglected gryphon.

Really, just one more thread.

I was supposed to have 15 WIPs in 2015′ but I have 17. We’ll blame it on inflation.

Here are a few I’ve added.


This one is more of a UFO. I found it in the bottom of my basket, but it won’t take much to finish it.


This one is on 10 count using Caron Watercolors, a really beautiful fiber. And 10 count is so easy on the eyes!


This one is my first mystery project. I love Lizzie Kate patterns, and thus one is a treat so far.


This is my first Bothy kit, I collect teapots so this will fit right in.


The one is part of the sheep virtues series. There are 12, all pretty quick. I like the fabric, even though it’s small.

All the other projects are still ongoing, but I can’t finish it if I can’t start it!

I’m sure I’ll finish something in 2015, after all I have about 5 seasons of Supernatural to catch up with.

What’s a TUSAL?

It’s a large quadraped which looks a little like a llama, but it has nasty teeth instead of a beak for eating honey.


No, it’s not that.

It’s a Totally Useless Stitch Along, this other blog explains it well.

So essentially, you start with an empty jar and fill it up with all your bits from stitching. For no reason. This goes well with my current plan to start all the projects I have kitted out and put them into the rotation. That should give me a lot of things to work on this year.

I don’t know how many finishes that will give me but I can see a couple that that are close. Meanwhile I will save my ORTS, and take pictures. I missed the new moon on Jan 1, but I can pretend.

Instead of any major stitching today, I am looking at the many things I have in various stages. I need to re-institute the 12-step program.

That’s working 12 hours on a project and then switching no matter where you are on it. I find it derails easily when you get near the end of something and just want it done. That is why Iris was finished recently.

I have one crochet project with a deadline, so that will come first. After that I could go for the one that is closest to being done. Or the one that I haven’t worked on for the longest time. Or the one that looks like more fun. Or I could list them all here and let my 3 faithful readers decide.

I have a Halloween one that I wanted to get done by October, but that didn’t happen. I could work on that now so it is done by next Halloween. It is all one color so it goes pretty fast.

There are a lot of options with this. But I don’t want it to be a stressful thing. This is a hobby, not my job.


That bright orange fabric is the Halloween project.

I am going to make a list, assign a number and roll some dice. We’ll let God decide, if He wants to intervene.

My main project today is sorting through 8 grades worth of pictures. It’s a little break from stitching.

Before we get to the words, let’s start with this.


Iris is done, the pattern called for the largest size of Mill Hill beads but as soon as I added that first one, I thought it was too much. I like her without them. And she’s my Iris, so I can do that.


Here’s a closeup. Her wings are my favorite part, so much bling!

I think I will concentrate on my Christmas ornaments, sew up a few of those and next year restart the rotation properly again.

The Christmas tree sits undecorated in the front room right now. It’s a live tree so you have to let it adapt to the room and drop needles all over the floor. So I can’t finish it up for a couple days anyway.

Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas.



Not so many words today, just a progress picture on the portable project. I like the Gentle Arts thread, so easy to work with and the subtle colors are nice.

I’ve been on the move lately, so this one is moving along. I’ll pick up the chair tomorrow evening if life doesn’t get complicated.

Thanksgiving holiday next week means more stitch time!

Yes, that is one of the ornaments in progress. The cross stitch part is done. You can see why this is a portable project, the squares are all about 5×5..


Here’s 11 Pipers Piping.


And 10 Lords a’ Leaping.


And (not quite done) 9 Ladies dancing.


I have decided that as I continue this blog, I will improve my photography skills. I have seen some amazing pictures on other blogs. It’s hard to photograph cross stitch and get the true colors. I have seen pictures of finished pieces, even professional ones, that don’t reflect how amazing the finished piece is.

This is especially true when there are beads or shiny specialty thread. The Piper up there has a pipe stitched in the extra shiny silver Krenik. The pattern called for the standard silver but my LNS was out of it. They offered me the shiny version and I thought that would be great for a flute.

You shouldn’t be afraid to play with the colors or design a little bit. I don’t feel brave enough to do a whole color conversion, but little things are safe. I trust in the vision of the designer. I wonder how designers feel when people take their patterns and turn the ladies red dress into a purple one?

Ah, to be that talented!

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Today was not a momentous stitch day. When I have a day off, I try to accomplish everything in the morning and free up time for some stitchin’ and Netflixin’ in the afternoon, but it was not to be today.

Then I had yoga in the evening so I only managed a few stitches on the Christmas ornaments. This is my go to project when I don’t have a lot of time to spend. It’s small squares so I’m stitching in hand, no hoop to set up. Because of that I can take it with me and get a little bit in while waiting for something, like my son’s music lessons or an oil change.

There are a lot of colors, but they come in nice solid blocks. The goal was to have a few up on the tree this year and then continue. So maybe next Christmas I will have all twelve days.

I do still have to finish them, I’m making quilt squares. But I sew very very slowly and not so very well.

I try not to stress about the deadlines with stitching, there are so many in every day life and work. I like to just finish when I finish and work on what I feel like doing. Some days are just not good for stitching over one on 32 count fabric. Some days are more about 16 count fabric.

I do sometimes take it to work, if I think I will have time to stitch. I don’t mind stitching in public, nobody has ever spoken to me about it. Maybe one day somebody will comment. Until then, I will slip in some work on 9 Ladies Dancing by a sunny window and think about the 12 lovely ornaments which will grace my Christmas tree this year.