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I have been taking a little break from cross stitch to work on a gift for a family member who is on the way.


It’s not my usual style, but fillet crochet is always pretty. I haven’t neglected my cross stitch entirely.


The chairs work up very fast, I’m almost ready for beads on this one.

I also made this. I found the pattern on Slightly Slouchy Crochet Hat I like Melanie’s videos, she does a nice job showing the tricky parts. If you are interested in learning new techniques, she would be a good place to start.


I am considering adding more “slouch” but this is my first slouchy hat. The fun thing about any pattern is making them your own.

I’m looking for Spring, but I think it must be under the snow, so I will continue crocheting to keep warm.



This is the reason I am not enjoying the world of cross stitch. This pattern. Spooky House by Stoney Creek.

I made my first error when I chose to work on linen over two. That makes the counting more complicated because you are more likely to make a mistake when you have to count 2 tiny little holes instead of one. I should have used 14 or 18 count over one.

But it looks really good.

The second mistake was to let one miscount slide because now the ghost part is all off. Now I have come too far to unpick and I’m not willing to start over. Why?

Because it looks really good.

If you don’t see the mistakes. Some stitches have a little extra even though the blocks line up. Don’t look at that. Look at the cool fabric, which is called Prank, by the way. Look at the interesting variations in the black hand dyed thread.

It looks very cool!

I will keep going and add some buttons. There is a bat and a “Boo!” in the pattern. I have seen bats but I will have to try them for size. I will keep working and compensating. The nice thing is that if I can get these blocks to line up then the others will fall in line and it will be fine. And this one is for me, I am not making a model piece or ghost stitching. So it is “highly personalized”

It will look good.

I need a coach to whip my cross stitch schedule into shape.

This is my problem. I have a rotation, 12 hours on a project than switch. I am supposed to be working on my #3, the black gryphon. Instead, I am obsessed with finishing this one.


Look how close I am to finishing! A lot of this section is one color, no confetti. That goes really fast. I could finish it in one more 12-hour rotation. I’m SOOOO close, so why not keep going?

My stitching coach would be dressing me down at this point. “You put the rotation plan in place to finish all your WIPs. How are you going to do that if you get obsessed with #2 on the rotation? Get the gryphon out and start stitching!”

None of my stitchy friends are helpful here. They would all fail as stitching coaches since their behavior is no better than mine.

Fine, just a one more day on Serenity, and then I’ll start on the long-neglected gryphon.

Really, just one more thread.

I was supposed to have 15 WIPs in 2015′ but I have 17. We’ll blame it on inflation.

Here are a few I’ve added.


This one is more of a UFO. I found it in the bottom of my basket, but it won’t take much to finish it.


This one is on 10 count using Caron Watercolors, a really beautiful fiber. And 10 count is so easy on the eyes!


This one is my first mystery project. I love Lizzie Kate patterns, and thus one is a treat so far.


This is my first Bothy kit, I collect teapots so this will fit right in.


The one is part of the sheep virtues series. There are 12, all pretty quick. I like the fabric, even though it’s small.

All the other projects are still ongoing, but I can’t finish it if I can’t start it!

I’m sure I’ll finish something in 2015, after all I have about 5 seasons of Supernatural to catch up with.


This is the list of WIPs. Not included are things that need to be finished, like the Christmas ornaments I need to sew. Or things I’ve put on hold, not sure if I want to finish them.

It’s a nice even dozen. So then I took a D12 and assigned them a number. I will spend 12 hours on each and hopefully there will be a finish at some point.


This is number 1. Recognize it? Shiny!

If you don’t you’ll have to wait until my next post or find a geeky friend to explain. And then maybe loan you the DVD.

I’m debating about posting a more seasonal/political rant. It’s a minor rant about Christmas and saying Happy Holidays and atheism. But last time I posted it, a couple people on FB unfriended me.

Well, if you don’t want my opinion, then you shouldn’t ask.

Would any of my 7 (yes, 7!) followers unfollow me, I wonder. Freedom of religion is one of the founding ideas of this country, and I defend the rights of any atheist to be just that. I have no desire to convert anyone. Just wanted to clarify that.

I will ponder as I stitch.