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This is the reason I am not enjoying the world of cross stitch. This pattern. Spooky House by Stoney Creek.

I made my first error when I chose to work on linen over two. That makes the counting more complicated because you are more likely to make a mistake when you have to count 2 tiny little holes instead of one. I should have used 14 or 18 count over one.

But it looks really good.

The second mistake was to let one miscount slide because now the ghost part is all off. Now I have come too far to unpick and I’m not willing to start over. Why?

Because it looks really good.

If you don’t see the mistakes. Some stitches have a little extra even though the blocks line up. Don’t look at that. Look at the cool fabric, which is called Prank, by the way. Look at the interesting variations in the black hand dyed thread.

It looks very cool!

I will keep going and add some buttons. There is a bat and a “Boo!” in the pattern. I have seen bats but I will have to try them for size. I will keep working and compensating. The nice thing is that if I can get these blocks to line up then the others will fall in line and it will be fine. And this one is for me, I am not making a model piece or ghost stitching. So it is “highly personalized”

It will look good.



This is the list of WIPs. Not included are things that need to be finished, like the Christmas ornaments I need to sew. Or things I’ve put on hold, not sure if I want to finish them.

It’s a nice even dozen. So then I took a D12 and assigned them a number. I will spend 12 hours on each and hopefully there will be a finish at some point.


This is number 1. Recognize it? Shiny!

If you don’t you’ll have to wait until my next post or find a geeky friend to explain. And then maybe loan you the DVD.

I’m debating about posting a more seasonal/political rant. It’s a minor rant about Christmas and saying Happy Holidays and atheism. But last time I posted it, a couple people on FB unfriended me.

Well, if you don’t want my opinion, then you shouldn’t ask.

Would any of my 7 (yes, 7!) followers unfollow me, I wonder. Freedom of religion is one of the founding ideas of this country, and I defend the rights of any atheist to be just that. I have no desire to convert anyone. Just wanted to clarify that.

I will ponder as I stitch.

Instead of any major stitching today, I am looking at the many things I have in various stages. I need to re-institute the 12-step program.

That’s working 12 hours on a project and then switching no matter where you are on it. I find it derails easily when you get near the end of something and just want it done. That is why Iris was finished recently.

I have one crochet project with a deadline, so that will come first. After that I could go for the one that is closest to being done. Or the one that I haven’t worked on for the longest time. Or the one that looks like more fun. Or I could list them all here and let my 3 faithful readers decide.

I have a Halloween one that I wanted to get done by October, but that didn’t happen. I could work on that now so it is done by next Halloween. It is all one color so it goes pretty fast.

There are a lot of options with this. But I don’t want it to be a stressful thing. This is a hobby, not my job.


That bright orange fabric is the Halloween project.

I am going to make a list, assign a number and roll some dice. We’ll let God decide, if He wants to intervene.

My main project today is sorting through 8 grades worth of pictures. It’s a little break from stitching.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of 2014. It’s time to ponder resolutions.

I’ve heard of some stitchers starting a stitch from stash resolution, that would be hard. There are going to be many lovely patterns around the corner.

It would be easier to give up chocolate.

I will have to ponder my own craft-related resolution. Maybe I will promise to finish two WIPs before I start a new project.

And now a progress report.


This blanket is for a charity auction, but I like it so much I might make another just for me after this one is done.


I made much progress on the chair. This one goes fast. Iris is on hold until I get the beads. I thought I had them, but I can’t find them. Which means they might be in the wrong bag. I’m sure I’ll use them for another project one day if I bought double.

When I get to near the end of a project, I like to work on nothing else. A finish is very satisfying. Speaking of finishes…


Another ornament down. I plan to get on the sewing machine and finish them for this year’s tree. I really should partner up with a framer and a tailor to make a truly symbiotic relationship.

This is my almost finish, most of the cross stitches are done. Last part are the beads, and there are a lot of those. I think my fairy needs some conditioner, her hair looks a little frizzy.


So my plans on Black Friday include some small shopping, no malls, and beadwork. If your plans include shopping on Thursday and those early early sales on Friday, be kind to the people working. Many of them need the money or can’t refuse. Many of them like working that shift. But they are people too, and deserve a thank you.



Not so many words today, just a progress picture on the portable project. I like the Gentle Arts thread, so easy to work with and the subtle colors are nice.

I’ve been on the move lately, so this one is moving along. I’ll pick up the chair tomorrow evening if life doesn’t get complicated.

Thanksgiving holiday next week means more stitch time!

Yes, that is one of the ornaments in progress. The cross stitch part is done. You can see why this is a portable project, the squares are all about 5×5..


Here’s 11 Pipers Piping.


And 10 Lords a’ Leaping.


And (not quite done) 9 Ladies dancing.


I have decided that as I continue this blog, I will improve my photography skills. I have seen some amazing pictures on other blogs. It’s hard to photograph cross stitch and get the true colors. I have seen pictures of finished pieces, even professional ones, that don’t reflect how amazing the finished piece is.

This is especially true when there are beads or shiny specialty thread. The Piper up there has a pipe stitched in the extra shiny silver Krenik. The pattern called for the standard silver but my LNS was out of it. They offered me the shiny version and I thought that would be great for a flute.

You shouldn’t be afraid to play with the colors or design a little bit. I don’t feel brave enough to do a whole color conversion, but little things are safe. I trust in the vision of the designer. I wonder how designers feel when people take their patterns and turn the ladies red dress into a purple one?

Ah, to be that talented!

Happy Christmas, everyone!