Before I rant, please watch this video. Try hard to watch the whole thing. If you can’t, I understand and think that you will agree with me for the most part. If you think it’s right on, then maybe you should stop reading now if  you can’t handle another opinion.

Video Royce Mann, Age 14

Are you back? OK, my reaction. Go to your “safe space” if you need to.

I’m sorry, kid. I am sorry that a bunch of adults have taught you not to value anything you accomplish in life through the sweat of your brow and work of your own creativity and intellect because you were born a white male.

You didn’t choose to be a white, middle class kid. Just like I didn’t choose to be a white, middle class woman. I don’t feel guilty about something that was an accident of fate (or destiny, whatever you want to call it).

Is there inequality in the world? Yes

Do people get judged because of their age/skin color/looks/speech pattern etc? Yes

Are people who form an opinion of you based solely on something you have nothing to do with complete idiots? Yes

Ignore them. EVERYONE face some form of discrimination at some point. One day, when you are a white, middle class young man with a shiny new degree, you will go on job interviews. And somewhere, a company is going to make a decision to hire a minority because they have a quota. You will be discriminated against.

What do you do about it? Fight it, if you can. Move on, if you can’t. Fight injustice where you find it. When you see an idiot treating your black friend badly, speak up. When you see a college frat boy treating a women like an object, or worse, speak up. If he is attempting to rape her, punch him below the belt.

Take your position of “privilege” and give a hand up, donate money to a scholarship, hire and train people, become a teacher.

Don’t feel that the degrees and creations you brought into the world are only there because you had white privilege. Don’t buy into what Obama said, you DID build that. With your mind and your will and your reason.

And about those women you are apologizing to because they spend “an hour putting on make up to meet other people’s standards”? You don’t tell them to do that, they choose to do that. And you aren’t responsible for them. When you meet a girl you like, tell her that you like her for what she is inside, not her hair and makeup. Women like to be treated like real people because that’s what they are.

Did you know that white people can be born at the bottom of the ladder, and find it just as hard to climb as any minority?

And yes, you still have a dirty mouth, I’ve heard every color of person use that word and it always sounds ignorant.

So, I’m sorry that you are starting out your teen years feeling guilty for something you have no control over. And maybe one day, when you find that the quotas won’t let you get hired or the salary in your company is capped because you just make too much money, you’ll realize that you’ve been fed a pack of lies. But it will be too late, because your paycheck will be going to pay for free college tuition for other people.

Don’t life your life for other people, give a hand up and fight injustice. But don’t do it out of guilt.