We all live in our own little world and sometimes it takes a trip abroad to see that a thing that the media is obsessed about is not even mentioned in another country.

I was in England recently while the third leg of the Triple Crown was run. When American Pharoah won the race, becoming the first horse to win all three legs since Secretariat in 1978 it didn’t even make the news in Britain. They were talking about the FIFA controversy and who won the soccer games. Mostly it was about FIFA.

While America was all in a tizzy about the NAACP leader in Washington being black or white, that never got reported in the UK at all. BTW, that is a whole blog in itself. The big concern over there had to deal with Muslims and how Sharia law interacted with British law and women’s rights issues.

The Chicago Blackhawks weren’t even considered worth mentioning, which did not surprise me.

I was surprised the Triple Crown didn’t even get a mention, it’s a fairly difficult accomplishment. I spoke to someone who was and is involved in the world of horse racing and he was at a track that day. They were all watching the Belmont stakes and cared about it.

American Pharoah.jpg

There was only one brief mention of Joe Biden’s son who died, and another about yet another case of white cop vs black teenager.

It’s almost as if they don’t care what happens to us in the good ole US of A.

Some shows are the same, they have the cheerful morning shows, which look almost exactly like ours. The usual segments are there, cooking, cute kids, funny stories. They even did that annoying thing where they read the headlines in all the big newspapers. That’s like reporting on other people’s reporting. Let someone else do the heavy work and you just read their work, almost like letting the smart kid write your paper for you.

There was a show with the English equivalent of Barbara Walters who asked “tough questions”. The best one was when she was interviewing a woman who had been acquitted twice of killing her roommate’s boyfriend after he had repeatedly attacked, beaten, raped and threatened both of them. When he attacked her, having already beaten the friend, she killed him by stabbing him 18 times. I may have mis-remembered some details there, but the gist is the same. She stabbed him numerous times.

So the tough questions was along the lines of why did you have to stab him so many times? Really? She was a slight, petite woman going up against a guy who had already demonstrated his intent, and probably outweighed her by 50 pounds at least. Maybe it took that many stabs to make sure he stayed down. I’m guessing this talk show host had never been in that situation. I am fortunate enough never to have been there, but I can imagine pure instinct to survive was driving the poor woman.

I also saw a few silly game shows which I’m sure will make it over here eventually. There was a lot of those. So the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Stay tuned for more comparisons!

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