I’m just busy. The month of May is full of many amazing events.

First, my teenager is graduating 8th grade. Soon I will have a High School Boy. I think that deserves capital letters. So that means we have field trips and projects and events at school.

Most of these events are just there to remind parents of two things. Your kid is growing up and you are getting older. And they make you cry. But I cry way too easily anyway so I’m a basket case before all this starts.

One really beautiful event (filled with much crying from all sides) is May Crowning. May is the month dedicated to the Virgin Mary so every year the outgoing 8th graders hold a Mass to honor her and present flowers. They all wear their graduation gowns and they all present gifts to their moms who are weeping in the audience.

Then we go have a nice brunch and talk about how wonderful our children are, forgetting all the sleepless nights, medical emergencies, tantrums over times tables and the chaos that is life. It makes me thankful I only have one child.

Compared to Mary herself, our work seems very minor of course. I’ll take my troubles over hers any day.

Then there is a graduation ceremony and a dance where they do the slide show of the last 8 years of your life. It’s like “This is your life!” as a group presentation.

Of course, all the other events are happening also like work, school, appointments and laundry.

So, there was stitching. I went to Ohio.

I went to a stitching retreat dedicated to Mirabilia, I do a lot of her designs. We got to meet the lady herself. I told her that Roses of Provence reminded me of an Arthur Rackham drawing and learned that she loves his work too, he inspired some of her fairy tale pieces. So cool! We chatted, ate, shopped, compared fabric and stichy gadgets. I learned some great hints to help with my QSnaps. And we stitched a little too.

I’m already ready to go next year, where my Rosie will be up on the wall. (fingers crossed)


That piece over my shoulder is Rosie, stitched by someone else. Mine is still a WIP.

IMG_0944Here are more finished pieces.

IMG_0951 IMG_0952And we saw these things on the drive.

Have you ever seen John Christopher’s Tripods? These things are totally like Tripods about to invade us.

So that is my month of May. I will post more pictures of my stitching progress next time. I am waiting for some sunshine to grace us with it’s presence.